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The Coziest Double Sleeping Bags for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Now, that you’ve decided to invest in a double bag rather than a single one for your significant other and yourself, it is time to make a purchase. If you’re planning to go camping, this may prove to be the best decision. A close, warm body could help you endure a cold night. The next step is to select the best bag for your needs. Read more now on a review by Josephine Seale of the best double sleeping bags for camping couples, with a focus on comfort, warmth, and durability.

What do you need to look out for? These are some ideas:

How much temperature do you expect to need for your trip? A sleeping bag is classified according to its temperature. The sleeping bag you choose should be suitable for the lowest temperature you anticipate you may encounter during your camping trips.

What is your preferred insulation? Insulation comes in two forms – synthetic and down. Backpackers will appreciate the fact that down insulation is often lighter and warmer. The downside is that it’s more expensive. Also, synthetic bags will perform better under damp and wet conditions. You should be very careful when choosing a down-insulated bag if allergies are an issue. Synthetic bags will usually not cause allergies.

What kind of lining material is comfortable for you and why? Fabrics used for lining are most commonly poly taffeta or cotton flannel. Brushed polyester fleece is also a popular choice. This will likely be determined by the material of the bag’s insulation, the bag’s temperature rating, and the preference of its manufacturer. Pick one you find comfortable, and that offers maximum warmth retention.

If you are buying a bag, make sure it fits the user. Is it large enough? How long is it?

Check that zips are not weak. It is a nightmare to have zips stuck inside sleeping bags that prevent you from escaping. To avoid getting caught, make sure your zips can move easily and are not stuck to the fabric. Check that the zippers will not fall apart. When you are unable to zip up your bag, it will be difficult for you to stay warm. You should look for double sleeping bags that have zips down both sides so one can leave without disturbing the partner.

The bag is fully zippered, so can it be used to make a blanket. Bonus! When the weather is warm, the double sleeping bag can be used as a second blanket. In extremely cold conditions you may want to use the blanket as another sleepingbag. Some double bags can also be unzipped, and they are then usable as two individual sleeping bags. Great! Great!

Do the bags have pockets to secure valuables? Although not essential, this small “extra” can play a major role in your decision. This will keep them safe and you’ll know the exact location of your valuables when they’re not in use.

Do the bags have draft collars to help prevent drafts on your shoulders? Double sleeping bags are important in colder conditions because the larger openings can allow colder air into the bag.

Do the bags have flaps with zippers to seal out cold air? A very cold environment is another important consideration. The flap is designed to prevent the cold from entering into the zipper.

What size is your bag? It is rectangular, or tapered at the bottom? You may want to choose a tapered-shaped bag if warmth is an important factor. This will allow you more airspace that can be heated.

The bag comes with a storage bag. This is not necessary, but it can be very useful. The bag will stay clean and safe in the storage bag.

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